Ebony the Cat reviews

Extracts from the fabulous reviews of Ebony the Cat, September 2023

Jane Hunt joliffe01: Told mainly from Ebony’s viewpoint, this insightful short story explores Ebony’s early life from domesticated bliss to abandonment, rescue, motherhood and finally contentment. It’s heartbreaking to read in parts, but the ending is happy and makes an engaging, unique read. It captures cat behaviour and the challenges of living life with a cat. There’s a lovely mix of humour and poignancy, and Ebony’s cat personality shines through. It’s an interesting, quick read suitable for young people and adults who like and want to know more about a cat’s life.

Kirsty Whitlock, Bookworm 86: This book is such a charming book for children and adults alike. I am 36 years old and I have 5 year old twin boys and a 10 year old son and we all loved reading/listening to Ebony’s adventures. The chapters are lovely and short and each chapter can be read as a story/adventure on its own. It was lovely to watch Ebony grow through the years and meet her family along with the other characters…….My 10 year old son Malaki had this to say about this book:

“I really enjoyed this book although it is sad at times. I loved learning lots of new facts about the cats which comes in handy with my mum’s cat rescue. I love cats and reading all about them and Ebony is a lovely cat that I would love to read about again. Thank you Frances for telling us Ebony’s story.”

leannebookstagram: I loved the relationship between her and the dog it made me smile and her kittens are adorable.

@debtat2   https://debbiesbookreviews.wordpress.com: It is a really good insight into how cats think and feel and why they act in the way that they do.

It is a really heart wrenching and heartwarming little book that any cat lover will adore, and it will give you a new found respect for your own feline companions.

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